CHEM4204 - Forensic Chemistry
Dr. Susan F. Hornbuckle
Clayton State University

Spring 2009 Syllabus

Problem Sets:
Drug Color Tests Problem Set
Statistical Outlier Problem Set
95% Confidence Interval Problem Set
Liquid-Liquid Extraction Problem Set

Chapter Learning Objectives

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 5
Fibers Hair  
Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 11
Arson & Explosives Fingerprints Firearms
Blood -
only on final :)  :)
Final Exam  

Problem Sets

Statistical Outlier Problems Confidence Interval Problems LLE Problems

Group Presentation Topics and Dates - Presentation Objectives

Group number Topic Presentation Date ppt files Objectives
Denisse and Miranda Ted Bundy April 24th
PPT Objectives
Sarah and Kenita JonBenet Ramsey April 22nd
PPT Objectives
Wesly and Jacob The Vampire Killer April 22nd
PPT Objectives
Bryan and
John Joubert April 24th
PPT Objectives

*Topics you may not choose:
Wayne Williams - Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children Case
Lindbergh Kidnapping
The Death of Sue Snow and Bruce Nickell
John George Haigh - The acid bath murderer
Jack the Ripper
OJ Simpson

Forensics Links

Forensic Chemistry at Wikipedia

Forensic Chemistry Information Site

Forensic Science Resources on the Internet

Westchester Gov Forensic Chemistry Laboratory Site - Nice visuals.

An Introduction to Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry

FDM's Reference Spectra Databases, Books and Chemical Information

Color Test Reagents/Kits for Preliminary Identification of Drug of Abuse 
Document pages 3-6 (10-13 in PDF file) - Table of drugs and color test results.
Document pages 12-13 (19-20 in PDF file) - Reagents

Upper Critical Values of the Student's-t Distribution

Grubbs' Test for Outliers

Dixon's Q-test:  Detection of a single outlier

Forensic Analysis of Fibers:

Fiber Evidence Examination

Forensic Fiber Examination Guidelines

Forensic Analysis of Hair:

Microscopy of Hair Part 1: A Practical Guide and Manual for Human Hairs

Forensic Analysis of Soil:

Forensic Analysis of Soil Samples

Analytical Chemistry Basics

Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation

Associations & Organizations:


Other Interesting Links
The American Chemical Society's comments on Forensic Chemistry


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