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  Topics Chapter.section Chapter Problems from Klein- Organic Chemistry 2nd Edition:  Animations and Study Aides Problem Sets Self Tests
Outside of class:
If you do not remember the information covered in these sections from Principles of Chemistry 1 and 2, please come by during my office hours for help.

The Nucleus
Electronic Configurations
Bonding Theory
Valence Bond Theory
Polar Covalent Bonds
Dipole Moments
Acids and Bases
Noncovalent Interactions Between Molecules
  Drawing Chemical Structures
Organic Classification - Functional Groups

Functional Group
Self Test

  Alkanes (Structures and Nomenclature)

Alkyl Halide Nomenclature

Cycloalkane Nomenclature including cis & trans

Alkene Nomenclature including cis & trans

Alkyne Nomenclature
      Alkane and Alkyl Halide Nomenclature

Alkene Nomenclature

Alkyne Nomenclature
Nomenclature Self Test
  Stereochemistry       Recognizing Enantiomers

Naming and Drawing with stereochemistryRecognizing Enantiomers and Diasteriomers


R & S Configuration
Self Test

Enantiomers & Diastereomers Self Test


  Stereochemistry continued       Resolution of Enantiomeric Mixtures  
  Alkene Nomenclature E & Z Designation
Hybrid Orbitals
      Alkene Nomenclature Hybridization Self Test
  Alkanes and Their Stereochemistry     Conformations of Ethane

Conformations of Propane

Conformations of Butane

  Alcohol and Phenol Nomenclature
Aldehyde and Ketone Nomenclature
      Alcohol Nomenclature

Aldehyde and Ketone Nomenclature
  Ether Nomenclature
An Overview of Organic Reactions
Formal Charges
Chapter 6 Powerpoint
Cycloalkanes and Their Stereochemistry

Ether Nomenclature

Curvy Arrows and Transition State Complexes

Conformations of Cyclohexane Derivatives


Curvy Arrows Self Test

Formal Charge Self Test

Chapter 6 Self Test

Conformation Self Test

Exam 3 starts here Alkenes: Structure and Reactivity
  Alkenes: Reaction and Synthesis
      Hydrogenation Reactions

Markovnikov Additions

Addition Reaction Mechanisms

Addition Reactions

Glycol Formation

Oxidative Cleavage I

Oxidative Cleavage II

Synthesis Problems involving Alkenes
Addition Reactions Self Test
  Alkynes: An Introduction to Organic Synthesis
      Alkyne Reactions

Synthesis Problems involving Alkynes



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Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry
Organic Reactions: Movies

Spectral Data Base - Database for IR, NMR and MS spectra.

ChemFinder.com - Physical properties, CAS numbers, alternate names (use the free search engine at the top of the page). By CambridgeSoft.

NIST- National Institute of Standards and Technology WebBook: A source of Mass Spectrometry and Infrared Spectrophotometry Data and much more.

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